Pace of Tech Development With Last Mile Transformation

To The Last-Mile and Beyond

The e-commerce market has reported strong growth estimates from the US Census Bureau, reaching $127.3B in the 2nd quarter of 2018. With the growth of e-commerce orders, the need for last mile services is increasing. Throw the Amazon effect into the mix, you know where customers want their orders faster and for free and the cost of last mile deliveries goes through the roof.

What is a company to do? How can you compete with the Amazon engine?

Recently, industry analyst firm, McKinsey & Company, wrote a report on how next-gen vehicle technologies can transform last-mile deliveries. The company expects to see an increase of adoption with certain technologies, such as:

  • Electric Vehicles - In the short term, "We expect electric vehicles and the increased presence of unattended delivery technology to form the first way of technology that transforms last-mile delivery." With tighter emissions from government regulations, electric vehicles are a natural choice.
  • In 3-5 years, semi-autonomous delivery vehicles will follow parcel workers on their delivery paths so that the workers do not have to drive and park vehicles.
  • In 5-10 years, autonomous delivery vehicles will deliver packages without human intervention.
  • Beyond 2030, robots will likely take packages directly to customers' doors, addressing the last 100 feet of delivery.

But how do you manage these technologies schedule them? Match them with demand? Match vehicle type with size of cargo? Pick the right driver for the job?

DeliveryCircle provides technology to manage same day, last mile delivery, combining powerful software with a large network of well-screened drivers and vehicles, supported by operations, customer service personnel and best-in-class 3PL partners. DeliveryCircle enables businesses to offer fast delivery options from bricks and clicks, with a high ROI that keeps management focused on core competencies while lowering cost of deliveries.

To the last mile and beyond means we help you meet Amazon inspired deliver requirements while improving the customer experience for the lowest cost delivery that meets your delivery needs.