Same-day delivery (or even next-day delivery) at a reasonable price is a service that will differentiate you from many of your competitors and enable you to offer a great value to your customers without the expense of maintaining your own delivery team. Our goal is to provide same-day delivery for merchant purchases or for delivery between two businesses -- at the national carriers' two-day delivery prices or less!

You may have already considered offering home delivery, but decided against it because: It was not the best way to invest precious capital. You didn't have enough customers asking for the service. The HR costs didn't justify the expense.

With DeliveryCircle, you can forget on other ways to build your business. We'll give you a button for your website, a small sign for your retail locations that will let customers see that the service is available, and the ability to schedule multiple deliveries at a time with one click. We'll pre-screen our drivers to ensure that they do not have alcohol-related traffic convictions and that they do not have criminal records. Our goal is to give you confidence in recommending our services to your customers.

We also offer same-day delivery between individuals? Did you leave your laptop at a friend or relative's home after a weekend visit? Do you want to deliver a special gift 20 miles away without having it go through Memphis first? Our C2C service is particularly convenient, fast, and price-friendly.