Who We Are

How many times have you decided not to buy something because you didn’t have an easy way to get it home and the cost of delivery two or three days later was more than what the item cost? Or thought about surprising your significant other with a home-cooked meal from your favorite restaurant across town, only to find they don’t deliver?

We designed DeliveryCircle to be a simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective alternative to standard delivery services, and we didn’t want customers to have to factor in delivery costs or availability before they pulled out their wallets. We deliver stuff cheaply and on a flexible schedule. We’re helping:

Shoppers get their purchases delivered quickly at a reasonable cost. Merchants take customer relationships to a new and deeper level and differentiate themselves from competitors by offering free (or low-cost) delivery to customers without the capital investment of offering delivery services. Drivers work the hours they want and set their own prices. In many cases, they’re already heading in your direction with other deliveries, making this a green alternatives.

Yes, monster retailers are testing the service we actually see their leaders as our best salespeople because of the attention they’re placing on same-day delivery. We feel that there’s room for both our approach and theirs (and it is companies like DeliveryCircle that may well help the big boys test these kinds of services at a hyper-local level).