Why Choose us?

We’re hyper-local, with a technology-based business model that’s simple, customer-focused, and affordable. We’re B2B, B2C, and C2C…and make it easy for our customers to send or receive deliveries and for our drivers to let us know when they’re available. We’re not some national start-up trying to look local and respond to customer concerns from thousands of miles away. We’re just a company that’s building both the supply and demand side of a consumer business at the same time.

On a broader level, DeliveryCircle delivers:

  • Peace of Mind: We pre-screen our drivers and don’t accept any who have a DUI or criminal conviction.
  • A Simple Pricing Model: Our commitment is to offer same-day delivery at two-day delivery prices.
  • Privacy: Data is only shared with the driver after the delivery is scheduled. We never sell user data to anyone else.
  • Selection: Customers can choose their drivers based on their schedules, prices, and service ratings.
  • Usefulness: We think we’re particularly helpful to people with mobility issues, who lead busy lives, or just love instant gratification.
  • Reliability: We commit to 60 minutes turnaround for perishables, and we do our best to accommodate your schedule, with delivery windows that are smaller than many other competitors.
  • Customer-Friendly Technology: Merchants and businesses can upload multiple orders with one click, and we can dispatch drivers based on their availability without any manual intervention.
  • Scale: Smaller retailers and professional firms can now provide services that their larger competitors don’t offer.
  • “One App Fits All” Solution: Sure, you can keep multiple apps on your phone for local deliveries (e.g., restaurant takeout), but why? DeliveryCircle can pick up and deliver food from restaurants and grocery stores, dry cleaning, and whatever else you need.