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Are you looking for an expert in final-mile logistics? From optimizing routes to securing capacity and managing day-to-day dispatch, DeliveryCircle is the expert for the last mile. We offer agile capacity by utilizing a combination of crowdsourced drivers and commercial trucking companies, all connected by Decios, our proprietary mobile technology. Find out how you can convert multi-day parcel and LTL shipments into same-day delivery. Experience having a technology-enabled delivery fleet without the expense. Let us help you to secure capacity, reduce cost, and improve service!
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Features & Benefits

Streamline your last-mile logistics and create the ultimate delivery experience for your customers.  As a logistics management provider, we support your local delivery operations, handling day-to-day deliveries, managing carriers and drivers, and finding capacity. All supported by Decios, our mobile technology with real-time tracking, route optimization, geo-fencing, signature and photo capture, barcode scanning, white-label text messaging and more.  Let the experts in customer delivery help you.

Empower your business with:

  • Same day delivery 
  • Efficient capacity using drivers dedicated to you
  • Surge capacity always available
  • Economical and easy on your budget
  • Convert parcel & LTL shipments to same-day service
  • Technology-enabled, Decios driver mobile app  
  • Delight customers with enhanced text messaging
  • Signature & photo capture proof of delivery.  
  • Automatic text notifications 

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