Does DeliveryCircle provide delivery service in my area?

DeliveryCircle provides local deliveries in many cities throughout the U.S.  Our delivery model scales and can be up in running quickly.  Contact us and we can set up a service for your business.   

Why should I use DeliveryCircle for my local delivery needs?

•To compete you need to provide an exceptional delivery experience for your customers
•If you compete with Amazon (and most retailers do) they dominate the e-commerce space and provide outstanding service
•Amazon uses a dedicated last-mile network which is very effective, but operating a dedicated fleet is cost-prohibitive for most.
•To provide the best possible delivery experience you need the features of a dedicated fleet without the cost - that's DeliveryCircle! Dedicated drivers that know your customers but without the cost of dedicated.
•Same day, hot-shot, appointments, or on-demand and non-attended delivery are all part of our service
•Different from other final mile providers - we set up optimal routes, train our drivers just for your business and customers love our service!


How do you charge for deliveries?

Great news!  Service from DeliveryCircle is truly affordable!  By establishing routes and optimizing the delivery patterns, we assure drivers are efficient.    Our flexible pricing offers options for by stop, by piece or by the mile, and more.

How do you assure that a driver is available when we need them?

DeliveryCircle has a great network of vetted and established independent contractors with vehicles of all sizes, but in addition, we have couriers, local movers, and cartage companies also available. These industry partners operate in markets nationwide.  

Do you use technology to enable deliveries?

Absolutely!  Our Decios mobile technology is the foundation for our entire operation.  DeliveryCircle’s Decios sophisticated platform tracks shipments in real time, captures signatures and photos and alerts your customers via text message that the driver is on their way!

I am an automotive retailer sending out urgently needed items like tires and parts. Is DeliveryCircle experienced with automotive?

Yes!  We specialize in helping automotive retailers and suppliers with urgent deliveries. For tire dealers, we offer an express service that assures tires arrive the same day for installation.  Direct from the distribution center to the dealer with no stops in between. 

What about large orders? We have a courier network, fully vetted, and ready! 

I am a transport provider - how do I join your network of providers?

Just visit our website and sign up at


Can DeliveryCircle manage deliveries without contact?

We have an option for “unattended, no-touch delivery".  Our technology provides photographic evidence of delivery of the items transported, along with a clear view of the drop off location, and the geo-coordinates, thus eliminating a need to obtain a signature and always maintaining social distancing.

Can I license the Decios software?

Yes! Decios is designed to optimize final mile operations.  License it without a long-term commitment or outsource your entire delivery function to us.  Either way, it is affordable, scalable, and quick to implement.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely! We never share your data with anyone without your consent. We only provide your first name and phone number to the driver you select, and he/she won’t receive your address and contact details until after you schedule a delivery. You can review our Privacy Policy here.