Does DeliveryCircle provide a software solution so I can begin making home deliveries?

DeliveryCircle offers Decios 2.0, a cloud-based delivery enablement platform to help couriers, retailers, healthcare, pharma and more, provide direct to home or business delivery.  The platform can be up and running in as little as a few days and provides geo-fenced real-time visibility, photo & signature POD and financial settlement.  With photo POD, there is no need for a signature, allowing for a no-touch or unattended delivery experience

How does DeliveryCircle manage delivery in the midst of a National Crisis?

We have instituted an “unattended, no-touch delivery” model.  The technology provides photographic evidence of delivery of the items transported, along with a clear view of the drop off location, thus eliminating a need to obtain a signature and always maintaining social distancing.

Why is Decios needed?

•The last mile is the hottest space in logistics 
•Growth is exploding in final-mile
•Covid-19 has made home delivery a requirement
•Amazon dominates the e-commerce space and provides outstanding service
•Amazon uses a dedicated last-mile network 
•Using a private or dedicated fleet enables retailers to control the delivery experience, but dedicated fleets are expensive
•Only the large-scale retailers or those with order density in specific cities will be able to run a dedicated delivery fleet
•Customer expectations are growing
•Room of choice, setup, dunnage removal, short delivery windows
•The delivery experience is a key differentiator for all retailers

Decios provides visibility, real-time, in one unified nationwide network.

Do you see customer behavior changing due to COVID-19?

Absolutely!  Companies will be adapting to a new normal.  It may take years and an adjustment in protocol, before the majority of the public will feel comfortable in a brick and mortar environment. Logistics and fulfillment technologies will be critical SOP’s for companies. DeliveryCircle’s Decios sophisticated platform can ensure companies remain competitive and succeed in delivering goods to their end-user.

Can I license the Decios software?

Yes! Decios is designed to optimize final mile operations.  License it without a long-term commitment.  Affordable, scalable, and quick to implement.

I am a retailer. Is Decios a solution for me?

Yes!  We specialize in helping retailers with store to home deliveries.  License the Decios operating platform without a long-term commitment.  Affordable and scalable.  Bring your own providers, or use your own employees. 

Need help? We have a courier network, fully vetted, and ready! Decios is the most cost-effective way to set up local deliveries.

I am a courier. Does Decios support local dispatching?

Yes! Decios is ideal for commercial carriers providing local delivery services. Features like scanning, geo-fencing, and route optimization all assure labor efficiency and accurate deliveries!  White label features include text messaging to support your brand.

How do you charge for your technology?

Great news!  Decios is affordable.  A low monthly subscription fee based on only the features you need.  Transaction fees are as little as 30 cents.   No long-term commitment and you can cancel any time.  

Does DeliveryCircle provide drivers?

DeliveryCircle has a great network of established couriers, local movers and cartage companies.  These industry partners operate in markets nationwide.  If you need assistance finding providers, let's talk.  We can help.

Why choose us?

DeliveryCircle is the most flexible, scalable technology available in the final mile space. That flexibility includes SaaS solutions to run your commercial trucking/courier operation in local delivery areas. It uniquely functions for retailers as control tower for home delivery operations. And if you need help to figure it all out, we provide consulting to assist in recruiting and training final mile providers to your brand standards.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely! We never share your data with anyone without your consent. We only provide your first name and phone number to the driver you select, and he/she won’t receive your address and contact details until after you schedule a delivery. You can review our Privacy Policy here.