How DeliveryCircle Can Help You

map-united-states-1DeliveryCircle is the technology-leading logistics company providing fast and flexible transportation that operates as a private fleet for the cost of parcel or LTL shipping. We work with companies like yours to convert overnight and two-day transit to same-day service without cross docks or handling. Designed specifically for your business, we work with you to establish contracted delivery for products of all sizes, using a wide variety of carriers, all connected by Decios, our cloud-based mobile app.

  • Extend the reach of your distribution.
  • End early cut-off times for orders
  • Expand your delivery capacity and same-day delivery footprint
  • Enjoy expedited service at LTL & parcel prices
  • Experience having dedicated drivers without the cost of a dedicated fleet
  • Enhance tracking of shipments with cutting-edge Decios mobile technology
  • Expect the ultimate delivery experience with geo-fencing, signature capture, and text messaging.

Our team works with you to develop optimal delivery routes to reach customers faster and extend order cut-off times. Using local delivery service providers and independent contractors, we train drivers, specifically to your brand and customer expectation, and offer surge capacity on an as-needed basis.

Your company is always connected using our proprietary technology, Decios, a mobile app that provides real-time tracking, geo-fencing, auto-dispatch, and texting.

We manage the delivery process from start to finish, so you don’t have to!

Common Questions

delivery-circle-mobile-img6Is my operation large enough to use this solution?

 We provide deliveries for companies shipping as few as 20 orders per day.

Do you offer specialized services such as assembly or dunnage removal?

We review all requirements and recruit experienced providers to handle most delivery needs.

Is it expensive?

We are competitive with parcel & LTL but faster!

Is it only for final-mile delivery?

We also set up linehaul services to position shipments in markets for final delivery.

How are carriers vetted?

We check all carriers to assure proper operating authority, insurance, and equipment. All independent contractors undergo a full background check.

Where do you operate?

Our delivery services are available in most major cities throughout the U.S.

How quickly can service be established?

Need to get started quickly? We will work to set up the service in as little as two weeks!

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