How it Works

It's easy! 
  1. Simply fill out the form below, and we will contact you to be added to our network.  

  2. Once qualified, we add you to our database of transportation providers in your geography. Box trucks, cargo vans,  straight trucks, and tractor-trailers are all eligible.

  3. Download the Decios app from the Apple or Android store and you are ready to receive orders.  Decios is absolutely FREE for transportation providers on all transactions we send your way!   As your business grows, additional trucks may be added. 

  4. The app provides everything you need to begin receiving orders and delivering products, including order information, signature capture, text messaging, geo-fencing, and photo proof of delivery.  All information is instantly transmitted back to the customer, removing the need for paper transactions. 

  5. Settlement is easy using our payment platform. 

    The demand for local delivery has never been greater.  Join our last-mile network today!   

Individuals, owner-operators, and commercial trucking companies are all eligible.

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Partnering with DeliveryCircle


Get Approved & Get Started

After you are approved, you will join a team of drivers specifically assigned to a customer or two, that is in your local area and convenient to where you live.
  • Consistent routes & income
  • Predictable deliveries originating from the same pick-up point
  • No waiting around wondering if you will get a delivery - work is scheduled in advance
  • Communication via Decios app to help you locate deliveries
  • Paid weekly via PayPal

Run your own business and work the hours that you like best.

DeliveryCircle provides excellent compensation for delivery work. Localized deliveries in your area, we make it easy to make money with your vehicle, from cars to vans, pick-up trucks, or box trucks:
  • Steady Work on Established Routes
  • Same Route Most Days of the Week
  • Deliver Door-to-Door
  • Get Paid Weekly
We contract with customers who need drivers for regular routes! Get set up on a regular delivery route and make as much as $1000 per week. We will share the details on when and where you will be going well ahead of the start of the route. We train you on Decios, our mobile app.
  • Pick up from the same location each day
  • We provide the mapping, turn by turn navigation, and optimization for your route
  • We will work within your schedule
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Make as Much as $1000/Week

  • Predictable pre-assigned routes with navigation
  • Same route most days of the week
  • Drivers can earn money each day
  • Know what you'll earn in advance of a delivery
  • Get paid directly into your PayPal account each week

Sign Up to Drive

We are currently recruiting drivers for Chicago, IL and Windsor/Hartford, CT.  Look for other areas to be posted here in the future. 

Not your area? Sign up anyhow, and you will be notified when we are in your neighborhood.


For commercial carriers, please sign up here.