Meal Kit and Food Delivery Express

Providing high-quality meals that appeal to your customers is your business, but the delivery of those meals is part of your business too.  Let us help.   DeliveryCircle has been delivering fresh, healthy meals to customers for over four years.  We provide professional drivers with dependable vehicles and a technology platform that customers love.  

See how we provide same-day meal kit delivery with route optimization and driver tracking.  Let us show you how to reach your customers faster with extended order cutoff times and more reliable service.  Make the delivery of your meals one of your best features.  


How Can DeliveryCircle Help Your Business?


Providing the ultimate delivery experience for subscription meal service providers.

Why deal with the headaches of managing deliveries when we can set up a delivery system just for you?  Why do it yourself or struggle with unreliable part-time providers? DeliveryCircle Meal Kit Express provides dedicated drivers, custom-designed routes, and personal service from real people.


Make deliveries as reliable as your kitchen.

Solve the problem of unreliable drivers and missed or late delivery. With DeliveryCircle Meal Kit Delivery Express, drivers are dispatched directly from your kitchen to your customer, all monitored in real-time using geo-fencing.  Because we don't consolidate or cross-dock orders, cut-off times can be extended.   No need to plan the route or schedule the dispatch - leave it to us for the ultimate delivery experience.  You make the meal and we will handle the logistics.


Avoid customer disappointment.

Planning for and assuring on-time delivery of meals requires knowledge of routes, traffic, and vehicle capacity. DeliveryCircle Meal Kit Express provides dedicated capacity, so you never have to worry about getting your orders delivered. Using our proprietary mobile app, Decios, we optimize routes and track drivers to assure consistent on-time service. Automated text messaging tells your customer that they are "up next".

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