Route Optimization

Power up your delivery operations with best-in-class route planning capabilities.

Automate and optimize your routes to reduce manual dispatching efforts and increase fleet efficiency with DeliveryCircle's Decios solutions. 
 - Resource Management
- Reduce cost by centralizing all resourcing needed to run your operation
- Effectively manage drivers, vehicles and depots
- Set up driver schedules
- Create delivery slots for auto scheduling
- Improve On-time Performance
- Increase drops per hour
- Reduce mileage
- Improve fleet efficiency
- Delivery and resource management  

Optimize routes in line with predefined rules: service area, driver skill, customer request, weight, volume and more:

- Automatically and accurately predict how long each job should take
- Optimize route planning to account for time spent on site
- Simplify complex deliveries that require additional handling
- Improve fleet productivity metrics: drops per hour, miles driven and more

See real time how your drivers are working towards key business goals: 
- Real time traffic and location   
- Real-Time Traffic and Location Intelligence
- Enable vehicle-specific routing that considers road constraints for each vehicle type
- Provide transparent and reliable ETAs, backed by traffic-aware logistics support
- Unlock accurate delivery estimates that account for traffic conditions

Advanced Capabilities:
- Optimize routes by service area, toll road avoidance and more
- Create predefined rules for driver fairness, skill consideration and more
- Enable additional support for walking, e-bikes and other modes of transportation

What is Route Optimization? 
Route optimization is the process of finding the most efficient and cost-effective way to move deliveries from a dispatch point to its destination, and potentially back again. It involves determining the best routes, modes of transportation, and scheduling of deliveries or trips to minimize the distance traveled, reduce fuel consumption, and decrease the time and cost of transportation. Route optimization is a complex task that takes into account various factors such as traffic congestion, weather conditions, vehicle capacity, delivery time windows, and customer preferences. The use of route optimization software and advanced algorithms can help businesses and organizations to optimize logistics operations, improve customer service, and reduce carbon footprint.

What is the difference with Route Optimization and Route Planning? 
Route planning focuses on finding a reasonable route based on predetermined criteria, while route optimization aims to find the most optimal route by considering multiple factors and constraints to achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How does Route Planning software work? 
Route planning software leverages algorithms, mapping data, and input parameters to generate efficient routes that help optimize deliveries, improve resource utilization, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

Why use Route Optimization software? 
Route optimization software offers businesses significant advantages when it comes to last mile delivery, including cost savings, time efficiency, improved customer service, enhanced resource utilization, adaptability, sustainability, and valuable data analysis. By leveraging these benefits, businesses can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and deliver a better customer experience with DeliveryCircle.


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