Flexible & Scalable Delivery Software

SaaS technology to scale your delivery service with:
  • Real-time tracking
  • Proof of delivery
  • White label text messages
  • Agile route design
Is keeping up with the speed of the market your biggest challenge? Nearly overnight, store traffic has become website traffic. Competitors are changing the landscape of how orders are fulfilled.

Same-day delivery is now the consumer expectation. Delivery to homes and businesses has become a requirement. More and more, you find that to make a sale means bringing the order to curb, the customer's freight dock, or to their kitchen.  But to provide this service, you need the latest logistics technology. It is now a “click to doorstep” marketplace.  
DeliveryCircle provides a complete suite of applications, powered by Decios, a cloud-based, delivery management platform, ensuring companies can succeed in every aspect of the delivery game. Real-time tracking, optimization, and integrated with order systems you use today - Delivery logistics technology is our expertise.  Talk to DeliveryCircle and be in the delivery business in as little as two weeks. Let’s talk. You can do this. 

Top Segments Served

Auto Parts • Retail • Food • Home Health • Pharma • Private Fleets • Logistics Providers • Furniture

  • Retail
  • Distributors
  • 3PL
  • Courier Companies

Manage your fleet with our powerful,
scalable software platform.

software platform

Discover the power of Decios, which uses unique mathematical and real-time location information to streamline courier operations and mitigate challenges like construction, traffic and weather. Decios can be integrated with your own CRM system for a seamless workflow at no monthly cost.

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Dashboard SLT Monitoring
Driver Scheduling Management
Management Reporting
Logistics Track and Trace
Management Dashboards
Route Optimization & Document and Signature Capture

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