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Decios, the industry’s premier driver route optimization software, is the ideal solution for companies that are spending too much time and money on managing the delivery process. Decios is the solution.

See how Decios supports various industries to help improve processes and streamline operations while reducing costs and improving productivity.


Industries We Frequently Work With

Grocery Delivery
Grocery & Meal Kit Delivery
Blood Banks
Blood Banks
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Library Transfers

How Does Decios Solve Your Challenges?


How Are My Drivers Performing?

Solve the problem of inconsistency in driver productivity. Drivers are visible in real-time on the map with a breadcrumb trail. Stop spending time with phone calls and radios trying to locate drivers.


Delays in Getting Settlement?

Real-time visibility assures accurate status and automated updates with API links. Create instant electronic invoicing for prompt payment with support documents, like POD, included.

Claims and Shortages

Claims and Shortages Eating Into Your Profits?

Instantly available proof of delivery that includes electronic signature capture and photographic proof of delivery ensures shipments are not damaged. With geo-fenced delivery coordinates, you can also see the shipment is at the right address. Speed up cash flow by providing delivery proof immediately.


Why Did it Cost That Much?

Fully transparent pricing for you and your customer. The Decios rating engine supports multiple pricing formats, zone, zip, weight, piece count, and more.  

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