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DeliveryCircle is a new type of logistics solution utilizing both independent drivers and local trucking providers on a single technology platform.

With a combination of trucking know-how and technology smarts, we manage your daily deliveries using Decios our proprietary software providing you the advantages of a private fleet without owning one. 

We serve a variety of industries from critical auto parts delivery to urgent blood transport and routine inventory transfers.   Using both crowd-sourced drivers and commercial providers, we offer door-to-door delivery across town or across the nation.  Non-conveyable or large and bulky items? No problem.  




Industries We Frequently Work With

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Business to Business
Blood Banks
Blood Banks
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Library Transfers

How Does DeliveryCircle Solve Your Challenges?

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Offer Later Order Cutoffs and Still Provide Same-Day Delivery

Customers need to know they can order late and still get a delivery on the same day.  With integrated linehaul and local route design, we extend your same-day service area. 

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Create the Ultimate Delivery Experience 

Like a private fleet but without the cost. Your customers get real-time visibility and your branded text messaging, plus instant proof of delivery. We do all the work to find the best transportation providers and combine them on a single technology platform for the ultimate delivery experience. 

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Reduce Shipping Expense and Improve Customer Satisfaction

 We find the right providers and equipment for your products. Finding both independent contractors and commercial providers we design a nimble, technology-connected low-cost distribution solution.

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Provide for Special Requirements

Your business is specialized.  We are too.  We train delivery providers specific to your requirements.  We assure compliance through Decios, our mobile app that gives the driver instructions that are unique to your business and your customers.  

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